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We believe that when every player joins our thrilling game and chooses to stay, the effect is the most obvious. 

DK Mobile : Genesis aims to pave a journey by giving an iconic player experience while also providing a decentralized space that will encourage players to stay.

Our team understands that to enable this risk-free environment, we will need to support it by providing a system that is transparent, anti-dumping, and anti-whale.

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We actively pursue our objectives of growing and acquiring clientele by welcoming newcomers, making a large local contribution to fostering the confidence between the central and members of our DK Mobile : Genesis ecosystem, and resolving any issues that may develop.

Our Tag Line is 
"The Future of Gaming is Here," 
We use innovative technologies to provide consumers with easy access to the full suite of blockchain services in one location. DK Mobile : Genesis employs an automated gaming and investment platform and a well-optimized matching engine to manage high-frequency trading operations with low expenses.

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DK Mobile : Genesis experience will be similar to roleplaying games (RPGs) like World of Warcraft, where players step up their characters to attempt to procure better armor and weapons, and where players endeavor to get the most 'kills' each match, subsequently acquiring uncommon resources. Despite its game classification, one perspective is reliable - gamers invest a colossal measure of energy and effort in gathering advanced resources.


Many games require months, even years, of immersion to arrive at the level cap and acquire the most significant rewards. Aside from the delight gamers get from progressing through games, by far most gamers get no definite advantages from their immersion. Time spent empowering characters, partaking in in-game economies, and being a functioning presence in web-based universes expand the organization and ought to be compensated. 


Another improvable aspect of in-game economies is real reward by gamer's immersion. For gamers, these can be sets of skins, brand new levels, or even unique game modes. Right now, this process should be rewarded and linked to provide long-term benefit to gamers who work hard in the ecosystem. Florine is our strong way to incentivize these gamers.

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DK Mobile : Genesis is operated in ITSBLOC, operating in the Polygon network, that is launching a one-of-a-kind platform where blockchain, P2E Gaming will combine with cryptocurrency to give a great deal of experience of crypto-blockchain to the users.

We want to present a platform for participants to earn while they play and compete. Along with revolutionalizing the crypto market, there is also a benefit for our users who will buy and sell our token. Our platform works on the pairing liquidity to prevent an attack or sharks, or any sudden decrease on pricing of our tokens.

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Game Play

A beautiful game, DK Mobile : Genesis


Greetings, Dragon Knights! Welcome to DK Mobile : Genesis, where endless missions make us thrilled!
Set off on a journey to conquer the game's vast fantasy world and defeat Dragons with your friends.
Realtime PVP and valuable treasures await you.
Now then, it's time for you to step into the beautiful world of DK Mobile : Genesis!


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Free to Play

  • Anyone can dive into the world of DK Mobile : Genesis!

  • Simply download the game on your mobile device from the Google Play Store.

  • As more Dragon Knights join the fray, the ecosystem of DK Mobile : Genesis will continue to grow. 

DK Mobile : Genesis

Welcome to the world of Dragon Knights where everyone fights dragons.

You are a Dragon Knight in a high tech and virtual world,

where everyone can earn something with nothing.

DK Mobile : Genesis is a realtime MMORPG where players make use of various

equipment, skills, and character classes to gain Florine.

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Join Our Community

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Completion of MMORPG!

Enjoy DK universe in Web 3.0

DK Mobile : Genesis


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